“A Man of Ash”

Look at you, you man of ash

who walks around in smoke.

You walk around in brimstone flames,

starting fires wherever you go.

It must be nice to burn so bright,

And light it all aflame.

Never caring who you burn,

Because it’s not you, anyway.

A tsunami of tears can’t put you out,

or at least that’s how it’s seeming.

Is it fun to be a lifeless shell?

Is it fun to find no meaning?

When you hold yourself behind that door,

You might keep the pain at bay.

But you’ll still burn inside that room,

And you’ll choke on your smoke someday.

– K. Dawn, 2018.

Happy New Year & A Thank You

I just wanted to thank everyone who reads my writing and follows my blog. I’ve now reached 50 followers. It’s not a huge amount by any means, but it means a lot to me that there are 50 people who read my posts and wanted to read more. I’ve really enjoyed reading work from some of you as well!

Here’s to more writing, reading, and discovering!

Happy New Year 🎈

– K. Dawn

Semi-Poetic Thought #10


I get these urges to flee.

To flee my future

To flee my life

To flee existence.

I don’t mean that I want to die,

Rather that I want to flee time.

I want to flee to a place of the in-between and nowhere,

The edge of infinity;

nothing and everything.

Outside of all that has been, is, and will be.

Somewhere that has collected all of these experiences

Like sea glass in a bottle.

I wonder what infinity looks like.

– K. Dawn, 2018