Semi-Poetic Thought #12

Sometimes, you will reach your destination and find that it is more roads.


Semi-Poetic Thought #11

I burn bridges

before they can fall.

I break glasses

before they can tip over.

I cut myself

and you

before I can get stabbed.

– K. Dawn, 2018

Semi-Poetic Thought #10


I get these urges to flee.

To flee my future

To flee my life

To flee existence.

I don’t mean that I want to die,

Rather that I want to flee time.

I want to flee to a place of the in-between and nowhere,

The edge of infinity;

nothing and everything.

Outside of all that has been, is, and will be.

Somewhere that has collected all of these experiences

Like sea glass in a bottle.

I wonder what infinity looks like.

– K. Dawn, 2018

Semi-Poetic Thought #7

I’ve seen love as a salary,

Something I’ve had to earn.

I’ve seen love as a needle prick,

Something that bleeds and burns.

And love has felt like a malady,

Something that kills and hurts.

But we fear what we haven’t been given before,

And that’s something I’ve had to learn.

– K. Dawn, 2018

A longer one. Hope you all enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Semi-Poetic Thought #5

I’m always preaching honesty,

But am I honest with myself?

After all, a liar

Is a liar

No matter who it was they lied to.

So maybe I’m just a fraud,

And maybe I don’t deserve

The things I ask for,

the things I need

And maybe I’m just cursed.

After all, a liar

Is a liar

Even if the liar

Only lied to themselves.

– K. Dawn, 2018

Semi-Poetic Thought #3 (Titled: On Public Transportation)

As I sat next to my books,

On public transportation…

I passed by your old house,

But when I made the observation –

We’d long passed the building.

I only knew we’d driven by,

Due to familiar surroundings

And the forest green street sign.

I thought, “What if it’s symbolic?

The way that I didn’t know,

That I had ever even passed by

Until I saw the end of the road.”

And then I thought again,

Of evidence to refute –

“My passing by means nothing,

For the bus is on a route.”

– K. Dawn, 2018

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