Read Between The Lines

Adrenaline rushes to my head,

(Underneath this murky water)

Will it kill me or help me get out of bed?

(I’m stuck between one or the other)

A passion awakens and pushes too far

(All my choices knocked aside)

If I take the plunge, I could get a scar.

(My senses kick to overdrive)

And nothing makes sense in the morning of dread,

(That hits my head and cuts my face)

An anger and passion that paints it all red

(To knock me down and kill my faith)

A passion that if woken, could go too far

(And bruise me up and make me lose)

To plunge the knife or to be the one scarred.

(Or maybe it’s to make me choose)

– K. Dawn, 2018.


“A Vulture’s Daughter”

She screeches and squawks like some angry bird

Whose beak has never been closed.

And in the morning,

She crows,

Like some drunken vulture.

But nobody really knows why.

And everything is a battle in this dark, dark war

That she is hellbent on winning.

She always fires first.

Incessantly screaming out, flailing her wings

Until black feathers coat the floor.

Reckless, careless, entitled, and starving.

Her mother is kind but she isn’t present.

I noticed this when her mother spent more time on her hair than

Speaking to her vulture of a daughter.

I notice this every time that that vulture of a daughter flings herself haphazardly

into the arms of anything that will hold her,

a temper tantrum seeking love and affection.

But most of all, I notice this

When that vulture of a daughter could not be a mother.

Reckless, careless, broken.

She starves.

Yes, it seems she is the daughter

of a vulture


– K. Dawn, 2018.

Semi-Poetic Thought #7

I’ve seen love as a salary,

Something I’ve had to earn.

I’ve seen love as a needle prick,

Something that bleeds and burns.

And love has felt like a malady,

Something that kills and hurts.

But we fear what we haven’t been given before,

And that’s something I’ve had to learn.

– K. Dawn, 2018

A longer one. Hope you all enjoy 🙂

“Looking-Glass Eyes”

You’ve grown so thin,

You’ve grown so vain.

Is it poison or is it something

Else that numbs the pain?

Could you even tell me,

If I were to ask?

Or would you say you’re doing better?

That you’ve left it in the past?

Are you even with me?

Are you even alive?

I look to you, you’re like a ghost

With looking-glasses for eyes.

You’ve grown so pale,

You’ve grown so low.

Tell me, have you hit rock bottom

Or are there still some miles to go?

Would you even tell me?

Do you even know?

Can you even tell yourself how far down

Is your lowest low?

Are you even with me?

Are you even alive?

I look to you, you’re like a ghost

With looking-glasses for eyes.

– K. Dawn, 2018


Slow ink spill across backs of sleepy eyelids.

A weaving of words with mystic connotation.

A forest of heaven and dark dampened essence.

With light through the leaves, denoting its presence.

Roots like lace and filigree impressions

Carve through the earth under moonlit fluorescence.

Sprawling, crawling, and beautiful to the eye.

A renaissance of a time that once felt so alive.

– K. Dawn, 2018

“Charon’s Obol”

I sit in an empty chair,

With you and no one else around me.

I wish I could go somewhere,

Where you and no one else could find me.

If I only had a hymn or prayer,

To change this wretched world around me;

We could live without despair.

We could save us all from drowning.

And if you strip it down to bare,

You’ll come to find the thread’s unwinding.

Come, get closer if you dare,

There’s no righter sense of timing.

Cross the river to someplace where

The world is full of the nonliving.

Charon’s obol pays the fare

Over those whose sullenness was sinning.

– K. Dawn, 2018

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m on Twitter!

Hello again, readers 🙂

I’m happy to let you all know that I’m now a part of the Twitter community as a poet. If you share your own poetry on Twitter and follow me, I will follow you back. I’d really like to get into the poetry community on that platform and interact with fellow writers, so you can also feel free to comment your Twitter account names here. Even if you’re just a reader and don’t post your own writing, I still wanna interact with you, so make sure to go check my new account out 🖤 Thanks everyone!

– K. Dawn